Steve Coast – Founder of OpenStreetMap, Steve is at the centre of the OpenGeoData movement. Often courting controversy and always with plenty to say; Steve’s keynote won’t be short of innovative ideas, new directions and cutting analysis.

Ed Parsons – As Google’s new Geospatial Technologist for EMEA and formerly CTO of the Ordnance Survey, UK, Ed has a uniquely diverse insight into the geospatial industry. A long term supporter of OSM and never afraid of sharing his insight with the rest of the world, Ed’s talks are not to be missed.


William Cartwright – Professor of Cartography and Geographical Visualization in the School of Mathematical and Geospatial Sciences at RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia, where he specialises in the application of New Media technologies to Cartography.

Mike Calder – With Thirty years plus experience in engineering/technical computing, Mike’s attention is now drawn to OpenGeoData. His provocatively entitlted talk ‘Liberating GIS from the OS’ is bound to raise a few eyebrows.

Etienne Cherldu – OSM Foundation Treasurer and developer of OSM’s very own Osmarender rendering engine, Etienne has mapped vast swathes of South-West London. Through a talk and a workshop, Etienne will give SOTM07 delegates an insight into the complete production life-cycle of an OSM map.

Steve Chilton – As Chair of the Society of Cartographers (UK), Steve is one of the leading lights of OSM cartography. His customised maps use data he and other OSM contributors collected, and have been used in various publications like this one.

Richard Fairhurst – Professional cartographer and developer of OSM’s web-based map editing tool, Potlatch, Richard bridges the gap between cartographer, geo-hacker and mapper.

Muki Haklay – Muki is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Geomatic Engineering, UCL, where he specialises in Human Computer Interaction and Interface Design. A long term supporter of OSM, Muki has encouraged staff and students at UCL to particiate in the project. His talk will cast an expert eye over the HCI and usability aspects of OSM.

Mikel Maron – Long term OSM developer, Mikel has numerous other geo projects on the go, including GeoRSS and Mapufacture. Mikel has a strong interest in emergency planning, disaster relief and development and is helping to promote the adoption of neographic tools and methods in these fields.

Gunnar Misund, Harald Holone and Håkon A. Holmsted are all active in the Mobile Applications Group at Østfold University College in Norway. With a focus on practical use of open geodata, they have recently worked on a mobile, collaborative route planning tool based on OSM data – OurWay.

Iván Sánchez Ortega – Iván is a computer science student at the UPM, and one of the first spanish OSM contributors since december 2006. In “The State of Spain” talk, he will show how the National Geographic Institute have reacted to OSM, and the future of OSM in Spain.

Artem Pavlenko – Developer of Mapnik – the rendering engine that spurred OSM’s cartography revolution in December 2006 – Artem will be talking about the challenges and opportunities associated with rendering OSM’s data.

Andy Robinson – A long term OSM contributer and professional Engineer, Andy will be sharing his combined experiences of OSM surveying and tagging, through a talk and a workshop – even the most experienced mapper is bound to learn something from Andy’s experiences.

Andrew Turner – Developer of GeoPress and GeoRSS and author of Introduction to Neogeography, Andrew’s talk is not to be missed.

Tim Waters – Freelance geo-hacker and mobile technology enthusiast, Tim “Chippy” Waters, the man behind Flickrgeocodr, will be sharing his experiences getting OSM maps onto mobile devices.

Phil Whinstanley – Phil of Secret Volcano Lair Ltd has various roles and responsibilities ranging from consultancy through to solution design, but primarily he’s a code monkey. Over the past few years Phil’s been working with GPS data to build vehicle tracking and remote sensing systems; in that time he has amassed a wealth of knowledge on how not to do it which he’ll be sharing with you at SOTM07 in his home city of Manchester

Nick Whitelegg – Founder of Freemap and unstoppable geo-hacker, Nick Whitelegg never stops contributing code and mapping to OSM and Freemap. His specialist interest in countryside mapping has lead to the diversification of both OSM’s cartography and database.