SOTM07 is finished

So thats it, SOTM07 is over. A big thanks to the organisers, our sponsors, John and Douglas Oates for sound recording, all the speakers and of course the delegates.

We are going to be releasing the audio recordings of the talks over the next few weeks, as well as some video footage.

If you are going to pubish photos, videos, audio or gpx tracks, tag them ‘sotm’ and ‘sotm07’. There’s an Afeeda feed of current stuff here.

Hack to Win

We have a copy of Nokia Smartphone Hacks to give away to whoever does the coolest thing with the locations of SOTM07 delegates. Grab the file from here.

We’re in the Kro Bar

The early birds are catching the worm, right here.

First Arrivals in Manchester

So, the day we have all been waiting for is finally here – people are starting to gather in Manchester for the first OpenStreetMap Foundation Conference – State of the Map 2007.

Stay tuned to and OpenGeoData for the latest news. Make SOTM_info your Twitter friend for the very latest cutting edge geo-talk.

Get the State of the Map on Your Site

Its less than four weeks until the conference that everyone is talking about, the State of the Map 2007. You can help to promote SOTM by putting this lovely little button on your site:

The logo was designed by OSMer Olly Jackson and will be appearing on delegates tshirts and conference merchandise. If you register now, you get a tshirt at a discounted price. They are sure to be hot property, so to avoid them flooding ebay, we’re limiting the number that we produce and sell. Your can grab the original artwork from here.

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Ed Parsons (Geospatial Technologist EMEA, Google) to keynote at SOTM07

The OpenStreetMap Foundation are pleased to announce that Ed Parsons will be delivering the Keynote presentation at the State of the Map 2007, on Sunday 15th July 2007. Ed is a well known and respected figure in the geospatial community, whose long-term interest in OpenStreetMap is know to many. In his new position as Google’s Geospatial Technologist for Europe, Middle East and Africa, Ed is in a unique position to talk about OpenGeoData. His talk is titled “The Cathedral and the GPS – a personal view” and promises to be a highlight of the action packed SOTM07 weekend.

If you still haven’t registered, visit this page.

Registration is open for SOTM07

Registration for the State of the Map 2007 is now open. See this page for more details. We look forward to seeing you in Manchester in July.

State of the Map 2007 – Schedule Released

The OpenStreetMap Foundation are pleased to announce the schedule for the State of the Map 2007. Over two days in July, we are going to bring you a selection of the most interesting, innovative and thought provoking talks and workshops that the open mapping community have to offer. See this page for an overview of the schedule.

We’ll soon be adding more information about the speakers, workshops and social events, as well as announcing the speakers for the remaining slots. We’ll also be opening registration over the next few days, so stay tuned or send an email to to be kept in touch with the lastest news.

SOTM07 – The line up so far

The Call for Proposals for the State of the Map 2007 has really got the Open Mapping community going, with submissions ranging from the interesting to the bizzare and from the contemporary to the controversial. To wet your appetite and give you a sneak preview of what you can expect in July, we’ve picked some of our favourite submissions so far.

The release of OSM’s new cartography the week before last has highlighted the role that traditional cartographic methods can play along side neo-geography. At the forefront of OSM’s cartography are Steve Chilton (Chair of the Society of Cartographers), Richard Fairhurst (Editor, Waterways World) and Artem Pavlenko (Mapnik). Both Steve and Richard will be presenting papers relating to cartography and its role within neo-geography. We can expect some expert advice and some serious critiquing of the quality of cartography on the web.

Leading in the “who travelled the furthest” league so far are a team lead by William Cartwright from RMIT University, Australia, who are presenting a paper entitled, “Developing Concepts for an Effective Atlas”, which challenges the traditional concepts behind atlas production and composition, questioning their place in the Internet enabled world.

Leaving aside cartography, there’s going to be plenty on offer for the dedicated geo-hackers out there, with presentations about vehicle tracking and tagging schemas (to name just two) as well as hands-on workshops where you can learn from the developers of OSM apps like Osmarender, and the much anticipated Potlatch map editor with other workshops covering mapping and surveying skills.

For the high-brow legal eagles out there, there’s going to be a panel discussion about OSM’s licensing, giving you the chance to hear from some of the leading voices in the “Great OSM Legal Debate”. In true OSM style, the floor will be thrown open to questions – so start thinking now.

This is just a snapshot of what you can expect in Manchester is July. The conference organisers are working hard behind the scenes to make sure we can bring you the best in geo-hacking, cartography, surveying and neo-geography as well as top rate entertainment in the evenings. If you are interested in attending the conference, send an email to, to be added to the conference mailing list and notified as soon as registration opens. If you want to submit a paper or workshop, follow this link, to be taken to the submissions page.

And if you thought it was going to be all maps, databases and licences, think again. The mysteriously entitled paper “OSM and the art of Bicycle Maintenance” is bound to grab a few headlines.